New Requirements come into effect as of 1 August 2017.

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            Update on Green Award tariffs 2017

The tariffs for 2017 have been published on our website. You can find the tariff list 2017 in the right column under Downloads.

If you have any questions, please contact our inland shipping department via


            Update on Green Award tariffs 2016

Year 2016 will be the 6th year since the launch of the Green Award certification program for inland shipping. During the first 5 years, starting from 2011, a part of the certification costs was financed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and by seaports participating in the National Ports’ Council of the Netherlands.

Their subsidy has made a relatively low price of the Green Award certificate possible. Especially at the beginning stage of the program, when there were not so many financial incentives available yet, it provided a great support to inland shipping entrepreneurs. Regretfully, from 2016 this subsidy will cease. As you are aware, Green Award is a non-profit independent certification body, which means that the certification tariff has to cover actual costs.

As communicated to you earlier in our letter e-mailed to you on the 22nd of December of 2014, we are forced to amend our certification tariffs from 2016.

Effective as of the 1st of January, 2016, (based on the inspection date), the cost of certificate will be € 720 excluding VAT.

The certificate is valid for 3 years. Naturally, we will do our utmost to keep the tariff as low as possible.

We keep working in the best interest of the clean and safe inland navigation. Green Award is in contact with a number of interested ports and other potential incentive providers. Recent developments lead us to believe that we will be able to offer you more attractive incentives in the near future.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us via or over the phone +31 10 21 70 200 on Mondays and Thursdays.

New requirements

A new set of requirements for inland navigation vessels has come into effect. The new requirements were launched in July 2014.

The new requirements have been developed by the Green Award bureau in cooperation with a working group of inland shipping experts. There have been external and internal consultations held (e.g. with inland shipping entrepreneurs, governmental bodies, port authorities etc). The result of these consultations is a list of stricter requirements. 

The following points have been amended:
• More attention for new energy saving technologies
• More benefits for clean engines
• More emphasis on safety
• The requirements consist now of 2 parts: engines and additional items
• Differentiation of levels within the certification program

The first 3-year certification cycle is almost over

The inland barges that were enrolled into the Green Award scheme shortly after its launch are reaching the end of their first certification cycle. Below you can read what it means for you and your vessel.

The Green Award certificate has a validity of 3 years. It has been almost 3 years since the first inland barges joined the Green Award scheme. This means that their certificate will expire soon. Some entrepreneurs have already contacted us to request a renewal of their certificate.

Below kindly see a summary of the important points:
1. Your certificate will NOT be automatically renewed
2. If you have noticed that your certificate is about to expire, please contact Green Award via  
3. A new inspection on board will be carried out
4. During that inspection your barge will be checked against the requirements valid on the day of the inspection. Please note that if the inspection takes place after the new requirements have come into effect then your ship will be inspected in accordance with new norms
5. If your ships meets the Green Award requirements, you will receive a Green Award certificate that will be valid for 3 years
6. A new application form comes with the new requirements. The new form and the new requirements will be published on our website simultaneously

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send them to 

Green Award for Inland Shipping

Can Green Award develop a certification scheme for inland shipping that would be simple, affordable and ambitious, but still manageable? A scheme that would give recognition and motivation to the inland shipping?

Green Award didn’t have to think long before answering these questions coming from inland shipping organizations and Dutch ports. The idea was in line with the Green Award’s mission and the timing was right. Green Award came in action, talked to ship owners and ports, developed a set of requirements and met preconditions like crew, financing and embedding in the existing organisation.

The requested certification scheme has been developed and the ambition is that it will

- lead to recognition and motivation of clean ships
- serve as a tool for charterers to choose clean ships

Green Award for the inland shipping comes from the Green Award scheme established in 1994 in order to promote quality shipping amongst sea-going vessels. All over the world Green Award certifies ships, ship managers and oil companies that prove their dedication to high quality, safety and environmental standards. The benefits for extra clean and extra safe ships include image improvement, charterers’ preference, reduction on port dues, discounts on pilotage services and various trainings, reimbursement by a bank for a part of the certification costs etc.

The Green Award requirements for the inland shipping are compact and apply to the technical equipment on board and to the crew. A ship needs to score a minimum number of points in order to be certified.
A Green Award surveyor assesses if a ships is eligible for the certification during a two-hour inspection on board.

Requirements include the following items:

• Compliance with CCR 2 emission level for main engines
• Compliance with CCR 2 emission level for auxiliary engines
• Dry bilge
• Propeller shaft seals
• High-level alarm in fuel bunkers
• Closed grey water system
• Connection for OPS
• Course ‘Smart steaming’
• Fuel consumption monitor / cruise control
• Waste management plan

Initially the program is open for dry cargo ships, tankers, container ships and push barges. Later it can be possibly expanded to other ship types.

During the first 5 years the Green Award scheme for inland shipping will be supported financially by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and the seaports of the National Ports Council of the Netherlands. Due to their contribution the price of a certificate with validity of 3 years can be kept as low as € 615. Ports provide reduction on port dues to clean ships certified by Green Award in order to attract more vessels to the scheme.

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