Annual report 2007/2008

The year 2007 and the first half year of 2008 can be characterised as a period of expansion, with a number of successes worthy of recognition:

• two new incentive providers (Port of Wellington and Fortis Bank)
• the certification of a new ship type: dry bulk carrier
• the launch of our new requirements: Seacure for Operations 2008
• we welcomed eight new certificate holders
• finally, our number of certified ships remained strong and increased at the end of 2007 by 3% to 204. In the first half year of 2008 we even reached a record number of 217 (end 2008: 221)

It is important for all of us at Green Award to keep in mind that we could not do any of this without the continued support of our certificate holders and incentive providers. We sincerely thank these important stakeholders and look forward to continuing our efforts in 2009 and beyond.

Please find our annual report as pdf-file as below. Hardcopies are available via our secretariat,

  Click here to download Green Award annual report 2007/2008 





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