New participants:

The National Iranian Tanker Company

Another remarkable newcomer is The National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) in Tehran, Iran. In May 2002 the Green Award audit team was invited at the headquarters of the NITC. NITC proved to be one of the progressive shipping company worldwide and passed the audit successfully, with high scores. The Green Award audit team experienced full cooperation and committment fom the NITC staff and has been very impressed by the importance of the human factor within the organisation.

The National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) as Iran's first organization of shipping, in its present form, was established on the early days of nationalization of oil industry, i.e., 1955. NITC is an affiliate of the National Iranian Oil Company with the registered capital of 457 million dollars. Its main offices are strategically situated in the capital city of Tehran with easy access to NIOC and other important government organizations. NITC branch offices are located at all major ports and oil terminals in Persian Gulf; with support centers at Sharjah/UAE and Rotterdam.

NITC is proud of its contribution towards the shipment of the country's crude oil to world markets as well as other customers in the international markets; and its never ending endeavor for technical enhancement of its tanker fleet.With NITC's wide range of contacts both in Iran and abroad, this company has become very active as an intermediary between National Iranian Oil Company, ship owners and oil clients.

NITC is a leading company in the middle east in certification and implementation safety and qualified Management systems.

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