Fortis: new Green Award Incentive Provider

Green Award is pleased to announce that the Fortis Transportation Group decided to become a Green Award Incentive Provider. During an official ceremony on 6 December 2007, Green Award chairman Aart Korteland handed over a Green Award plaque to Gust Biesbroeck and Harris Antoniou, Head of Fortis' Global Shipping Group. 
In his speech, Aart Korteland mentioned that ‘Green Award is delighted with Fortis Transportation Group as an incentive provider. In addition to ports and nautical service providers, Green Award is pleased to welcome the ‘banking business’ as a new group of incentive providers, with Fortis as a frontrunner’.

The step taken by Fortis is one of the effects of Fortis’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. The Fortis Transportation Group offers Green Award certificate holders two advantages: a non-financial advantage and a financial advantage.

The non-financial advantage is that Green Award certification will have a positive effect on Fortis’ client acceptance policy since Green Award certification is included in the Fortis Shipping Sustainability Assessment Tool (SSAT).

Fortis will as of 1 January, 2008 contribute to the Green Award Incentive Program by effectively providing its shipping customers a discount to the cost of joining Green Award. Fortis will reimburse:

• 25% of the annual Green Award fees for the vessels that are financed by Fortis, and
• 25% of the Green Award office audit fees for the (shipping) companies that are a client of Fortis.

We welcome the Fortis Transportation Group on board!

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