Shipping and Climate Change – the Way Ahead

A workshop entitled “Shipping and Climate Change – the Way Ahead” was recently attended by Green Award.

Although the workshop was aimed at building trust and understanding between the EU shipping industry & EU regulators, it also gave a global perspective on the issue of CO2 reduction in shipping.

Presentations and discussion brought to light a number of technical developments underway to address emission reduction with the focus on CO2emissions.

The present CO2 output of the shipping industry appears to be minor. However, it is the rate of increase relative to other sectors over the coming decade which indicates the need for action. The C40 World Ports Climate conference in July this year is an indication of global concern in this area.

In response, Green Award (in cooperation with industry partners & aligned with international solutions) aims to motivate shipowners to reduce CO2 emissions relative to the individual ship (where practical and possible) to ensure a win-win situation for shipowners, stakeholders & the environment.




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