Equasis: zero detentions for Green Award Ships

The 2006 Equasis Statistical Review has been released providing an analysis of data as contained in the Equasis database, including key figures of the world merchant fleet and its safety performance.

Remarkable is that not a single Green Award ship was detained in 2005 and/or 2006.

  2005 2006
   Inspection  Detention   Inspection   Detention 
 INTERTANKO   1.89  1.7%  1.45  1.4%
 INTERCARGO  2.72  4.7%  2.37  2.1%
 Green Award  1.72  0.0%  1.49  0.0%
 CDI  2.09  1.7%  1.56  1.6%
 OCIMF  1.64  1.2%  1.34  1.6%

 Inspection and Detention Rates 2005-2006 (>500GT) - Trade Associations and Industry Vetting Programmes

Equasis is an internet-based information system collating existing safety-related information on ships from both public and private sources. Equasis helps to promote the exchange of unbiased information and transparency in maritime transport and thus allow persons involved in maritime transport to be better informed about the performance of ships and maritime organisations with which they are dealing. Green Award is an Equasis dataprovider.


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