Pieter Struijs Chairman Green Award Foundation

Mr. Pieter Struijs, former vice-president and COO of the Port of Rotterdam, has been appointed the new Green Award Foundation Chairman. During the latest Committee meeting, Mr. Korteland, who had been the continuous Chairman of the Green Award Foundation since the moment of its foundation, delegated his responsibilities to Mr. Struijs.

Mr. Struijs is one of the founders of Green Award Foundation. He was on the board of the Port of Rotterdam Authority for almost 18 years. Apart from environmental issues, Mr. Struijs was very committed to make the Port of Rotterdam an efficient and safe Port. He approached safety from both an operational and security point of view. Mr. Struijs was a key player in introducing innovations in several sectors like VTS, infrastructure, operational port quality, as well as nautical improvements; a range of elements that are also mirrored in the Green Award Foundation's certification program. Mr. Struijs enjoys international regard through his impressive global network and presidency of the International Association of Ports and Harbors (2003-2005).

The Green Award Team and Committee members thank Mr. Korteland for his dedication and contribution. His personal involvement furthered the development and growth of the Green Award Foundation and its certification program.

The official chairmanship handover ceremony will take place during the Green Award Foundation Anniversary Event in April.

We are wishing success to Mr. Korteland in pursuing his other projects and welcome the new Chairman.

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