Aart Korteland resigned as chairman

The first Green Award Chairman has officially left his position with the Green Award Committee.

At the official ceremony during the Anniversary event in Rotterdam, Mr. Korteland handed over the chairmanship to his successor Mr. P. Struijs.

Green Award acknowledged Mr. Korteland’s contribution to the scheme with a 'Certificate of Recognition' and a special gift – the crystal sail Avalon. Presenting him the gift Green Award Managing Director Mr. Fransen said: “…For 15 years you guided us through confined waters and we are grateful for that.. This token of appreciation is something special we think. A crystal sculpture, crystal as it symbolizes the way you acted, crystal clear…”.

               Pieter Struijs (l) , Aart Korteland and Jan Fransen

Mr. Korteland has been the Green Award Chairman for 15 years. He assisted the organization greatly during the development and establishment of the scheme and his input in Green Award can never be underestimated. The scheme benefited from his knowledge, skills and experience.

Green Award values his contribution and thanks him for his leadership and dedication to the scheme.

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