External activities

In the past few months Green Award’s representatives have travelled intensively attending various conferences, arranging meetings and participating in government missions abroad. The Bureau Green Award uses every opportunity to meet with ports and ship owners in order to spread the news about the scheme and to motivate ports and shipping companies to join Green Award.

Some examples of the external activities Green Award participated in are as follows:

• Peter van Hattum delivered a presentation in the NatShip 09 
   conference in Australia.

• Pieter Struijs and Karin Struijk attended the IAPH conference in
   Genoa. It was the first event that Mr. Struijs attended in his new role 
   of the Green Award Chairman. Being an honouree member of IAPH
   and personally knowing most of the industry key people, he helped
   Green Award in laying the foundation for future fruitful cooperation
   with ports all over the world. During the conference also a meeting
   with CEO’s of New Zealand ports was held.

• Jan Fransen has travelled to Brazil and Turkey as a part of 
  a governmental trading mission. He had an access to ports’ and local 
  government officials who he informed about Green Award. 



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