Unjustified claims of Green Award incentives

Green Award incentive providers are reporting more unjustified claims of Green Award incentives from non-certified GA vessels.

With the growing recognition of Green Award, the Bureau has been receiving more reports from incentive providers concerning the falsification of Green Award Certificates ànd non-certified vessels claiming to be GA certified.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that certificates be controlled and vessels checked on the GA website. Not only is this important for the incentive providers financially, it is important for Green Award and those involved that the high standards for which GA stands be maintained.

An example of the current (new) Green Award certificate can be found on the left. As the ships receive a complete new certificate only once in three years, a certificate 'old style' might also be presented during the transition period. This certificate is also valid if the ship is on the list of certified ships.

       Example of a new certificate        Example of an old certificate

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