The Foundation

The Green Award Foundation is a neutral, independent foundation, established 1994 on the initiative of the Rotterdam Municipal Port Management and the Dutch Ministry of Transport. Since 1 January 2000 Green Award is completely independent.
The idea that safe, clean shipping is in the interest of all involved with shipping, has become generally accepted now. Green Award bestows international recognition on extra clean, extra safe seagoing vessels, which are more than welcome in any seaport. As a totally independent and neutral, non-profit organisation, Green Award wants to create market preference for quality tonnage resulting in less incidents and accidents that can jeopardize the (marine) environment

Why do we do that?
• To stimulate quality improvement in shipping
• To avoid incidents with sea vessels
• To expel sub standard shipping
• To improve environmental awareness
• To assist ports to improve their environment

How do we do that?
• Certification owner/manager and ship
• Continuous improvement of Green Award organisation
• Upgrade of Green Award requirements on a regular basis
• Worldwide promotion of Green Award system 




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