Carsten P. Melchiors Green Award Committee member

Carsten Melchiors, Secretary General of BIMCO since 1 December 2004, will join the Green Award Committee on 1 April 2005.

BIMCO is today the world’s largest and most diverse private shipping organisation. BIMCO has come a long way since it's beginnings and the organisation’s agenda today differs greatly from that of the past. However, its objective of uniting shipping interests and pursuing the issues affecting its members remain as clear now as they were at the start.

Throughout it's history, BIMCO has consistently managed to be both flexible and supportive of its members’ interests, capable of proactive action and responding quickly to new priorities in a fast-changing maritime environment in an often uncertain world.

Today, BIMCO’s membership spans 123 countries and includes more than 2,550 companies. Owner members alone control 65% of the world merchant fleet, while 1,500 brokers and agents and 100 club and associate members complete BIMCO’s international coverage. It is on behalf of these members that BIMCO carries out its tasks - ranging from involvement in international debates on issues affecting the industry to providing assistance in recovering unpaid balances.


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