Rejuvenation of Green Award Database and Certification department

On 17 February 2005 Green Award officially launched a new internal database system and started the reorganised Certification Department. 
Due to an ever-increasing workload and as a result of a review of the internal and external Green Award processes, the team decided on an in-depth evaluation of certification procedures. It also proved to be a fitting moment to develop a new database which now enables Green Award to monitor, support and to improve the entire process.

The new database has a lot of new features. The application has been created ‘in-house’ and is therefore tailor made. It was built in close cooperation with the users and is very easy to use and quick to understand because of its logical construction. It enables us to keep a better track of our certification procedure and to share information. It also offers a lot of statistical information, which – if relevant - will be shared with our certificate holders and incentive providers.

The Green Award Team celebrated the new start with a special cake which was decorated with a copy of the start screen of the database application. Although the cake is long gone, the database will prove to be a most useful tool! 

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