Japanese study on feasibility incentive scheme in Asia

Recently, the Maritime Bureau of the Ministry of the Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT), belonging to the Government of Japan started a study on the feasability of an Incentive Scheme in Asia.

Mr. Masayuki Kawase of Japan Marine Science Inc. (JMS) was appointed by MLIT to carry out this project as a consultant. As the first part of study, an investigation of the current situation was started by a visit to the Green Award Foundation.

                   Mr. Kawase, Capt. Dickson and J. Fransen

After an explanation of the aims and procedures of Green Award, Green Award’s managing director Jan Fransen accompanied Mr. Kawase during a visit to the Port of Sullom Voe ( United Kingdom), a firm Green Award supporting port.

During an interview, Capt. Dickson (General Manager, Harbour Master, Pilot Master) explained that Sullom Voe offers a financial incentive to Green Award vessels amounting to 5% of payable ship dues. This is the way the Port of Sullom Voe wishes to encourage quality tonnage to use their facilities and thereby reinforce their efforts to protect the environment.

Mr. Kawase will proceed further investigation and will be interviewing parties like shipping companies, pilots and other incentive providers.

Green Award was very happy to have an opportunity to meet and discuss various issues with Mr. Kawase and looks forward to the results of the study. Green Award hopes that the study may lead to the set up of an incentive scheme in Japan and Asia respectively and hopes that Green Award would be in the position to contribute to successful implementation on a cooperative basis.

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