Novoship certified by Green Award

"Novoship (UK) Ltd. owns and manages a young fleet of around 40 tankers of NOVOSHIP Group fleet, which has a new building programme for another 19 vessels to be delivered. We have an expanding fleet of Third Party vessels under full management and this part of the business is growing.

Last year the President of NOVOSHIP Group gave us a mandate to make a total review of, and to upgrade our basic Safety Management System. We embarked on what seemed like an ambitious schedule, but, with full management support, a lot of hard work in the office and fleet, and with a concentrated team effort we gained certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and we are poised to complete total computerisation of our Quality Management System. We are proud of our achievement.
The prestigious GREEN AWARD CERTIFICATE was a logical next step towards putting ‘icing on the top of the cake’, to place Novoship among the very top echelon of owners and managers within the industry. The GREEN AWARD is absolutely optional and in that respect it demonstrates the determination of Novoship to stay at the leading edge. It also supports our commitment to a dynamic, efficient, environmental management style, compatible with our Mission Statement. Apart from the obvious financial benefits offered by the coveted GREEN AWARD FOUNDATION CERTIFICATE , we have enjoyed the self-esteem associated with being recognised as an environmentally caring company. It is appreciated and honoured by all staff. The office audit was a pleasant experience of information exchange, with GREEN AWARD FOUNDATION auditors in the driving seat and Novoship reaping the benefit of guidance.

This award has inspired Novoship (UK) Ltd. to continue along the improvement curve towards excellence. We believe the GREEN AWARD CERTIFICATION is an attractive incentive towards gaining further Third Party Management and Consultancy business from potential clients. I respectfully borrow a coined phrase that some readers may recognise.

Novoship (UK) Ltd. says 'Raise the Bar!'

George Milburn
Quality, Safety & Environmental Manager  

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