Upgrade of Green Award Requirements

The Green Award Committee has adopted the Board of Expert's proposals, which have resulted in the official issue of the Green Award "Seacure for Operations 2004" and revised Appendices for Oil Tankers and Bulk Carriers.

Apart from "fine tuning" some elements, the following major changes have been made:

•  Removal of the Certification Agreement (this will speed up the administrative procedure)
•  A newly formatted Application Form (also available in electronic format on the website)
•  More transparent assessment criteria
•  More transparent Green Award Regulations
•  The introduction of the Reduced Survey Incentive Art.12.3 (Green Award Regulations).
•  The most important changes to the existing Ranking Requirements in the Appendices are applicable to elements concerning fuel oil quality testing, the sulphur content of fuel, emergency response services, mooring lines, crew training and statistics

The following elements have been added to the Appendices:

• The introduction of the "Industry Code of Practice on Ship Recycling"
• The ISPS ship certificate
• The Environmental Awareness course for ship's personnel
• The upgraded Green Award Requirements are valid from 1st September, 2004. New applications are subject to all new requirements.

All present certificate holders will be granted a transitional period of three months. This means that vessels and offices have the option during the transition period to be surveyed/audited and certified in accordance with the Green Award 2001 Requirements. if they do not comply sufficiently with the 2004 Requirements. After 1st December 2004, all ship surveys and office audits will be carried out and certified according to the requirements in "Seacure for Operations 2004".

The "Seacure for Operations 2004" and Appendices for Oil Tankers and Bulk Carriers are available on CD-ROM and on this website. The CD-ROM has already been sent to certificate holders, including additional copies for each Green Award certified ship. The files on this CD-ROM can be opened as a PDF-file, Word document or Excel sheet.

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