Progress made in Japan

Green Award is proud to announce that the first Japanese ship owner will soon be Green Award certified. The company was audited by Mr. Jan Fransen and Mrs. Karin Struijk in July and the name of the company will be officially disclosed in October.

During their visit to Japan, the Green Award auditors took the opportunity to visit several ports in Japan, Tokai University in Shizuoka Prefecture, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT) and the Ship and Ocean Foundation (SOF).

The ports
The visits to the ports were very interesting. The port authorities were updated on the developments within Green Award and were very interested in the development of the Green Award certificate for other ship types. Green Award is very positive regarding the likelihood of having a Japanese port 'on board'. One port is 'considering' participation. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

                       Tokyo                          Audience Tokai University

Tokai University

Prof. M. Shinohara arranged for a Green Award seminar at Tokai University in Shimizu city. Tokai University is a Maritime University and Mr. Jan Fransen gave a presentation on Green Award. The audience, composed of managers of shipping companies, banks and students responded enthousiastically. Remarkable were the questions by a representative from the Development Bank of Japan, which led to a discussion during which the importance of identifying 'quality owners' in relation to mortages was emphasized.

The visits to MLIT and SOF were also very interesting. Mutual ideas for future plans were exchanged.

We would conclude that the visit to Japan was succesful, and will hopefully lead to further development of the Green Award in Japan!

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