Green Award and Short Sea Shipping

The development of a Green Certification for Shortsea Shipping has taken another step forward (see also the Green Award news archive, 2004-1).

Our graduate student, Ms. Jacqueline Oud, finished her thesis in June of this year, after which the Dutch Maritime Network decided to financially support the project for another 6 months. As a result of this, Jacqueline Oud started working fulltime for the Green Award Foundation as of the beginning of this month as a Project Assistant.

Jacqueline Oud, together with Mr. Jan Fransen, will further develop the Green Certification for shortsea shipping towards a fully functional certificate that will only need implementation. Contact has already been made with several shipowners in order to conduct additional pilot surveys. Results from these surveys will be available in due course. Furthermore, an advisory body has been formed with the participation of several stake holders.

For any further information on this project please contact Bureau Green Award.





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