Annual report 2003

The year 2003 was a remarkable year in the 10-year history of Green Award. Contrary to previous years, Green Award faced a decreasing number of certified vessels.

Although we had to cope with a reduced number of vessels and with that a loss of income, we are confident that following positive facts will contribute to a full recovery in 2004. Our trust is based on

•  A growth of the number of participating ports
•  An extension of the number of certificate holders
•  A large number of applications for vessels for 2004
•  An improvement of the quality standard of the Green Award vessels
•  An improvement of the knowledge and skills of the Geen Award staff
•  An upgrading of the Green Award Requirements
•  An increasing attention for and interest in the Green Award scheme from ports and shipowners in for example Greece, Japan and Canada.

Based on actual facts, we are confident that we will realise a full recovery in 2004. We have 165 certified vessels and 15 applications in process.

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