Mare Forum Conference 2004

Maritime Transportation of Energy from Russia and Central Asia. Challenges and Opportunities

Set for the first time in the Russian Federation, the location of this Mare Forum was St. Petersburg, a major energy and shipping centre.

This conference focused on the problems and solutions attached to the maritime delivery of energy from Russia and Central Asia, the challenges and opportunities of its title given equal prominence. It was held against a background of spiralling oil prices, rapidly increasing energy exports from Russia and a growing realisation that these sources were likely to be as important as the Middle East in the mid-term future. Nor was it possible to forget that the economic renaissance and prosperity of Russia was closely bound to the development of its energy industry and moreover, the development of an infrastructure that would carry that energy into world markets; the ships, ports and pipelines necessary for that exploitation and delivery.

Mr. Hans de Goeij contributed to the program with a presentation on Green Award.

A whole range of discussion points emerged from this valuable conference. Six in particular might commend themselves to policy-makers for further study. One of the conclusions fits seemlessly with the Green Award philosophy: "Perceptions of ship quality need to be crystalised and notable reassurances given on the quality of Russian controlled (as opposed to owned) tonnage."

The growing interest in Green Award in the Baltic area, especially by Maritime Authorities of the Russian Federation underlines the growing confidence in Green Award in this part of the world.

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