Dutch Pilots' Incentives

Green Award is pleased that the Dutch Pilots have granted the Green Award ships a financial incentive. For the third successive year, every Green Award ship received a financial incentive for every call at Rotterdam.

Dutch Pilots offer their services 24 hours a day to all incoming and outgoing vessels irrespective of type and size. It is their aim to ensure a quick and safe passage of vessels to, through and from the various ports in The Netherlands and Belgium as well as to safeguard the interests of the environment. As Green Award also focuses on the protection of the environment, the Dutch Pilots express their appreciation of the quality and safety standards implemented by Green Award certified vessels through the provision of an incentive.

From the start of Green Award, The Dutch Pilot's Organisation has been a firm supporter of Green Award. Green Award is grateful to the pilots for their continuous trust in the development of Green Award and its participants.



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