Offshore Arabia Event 2004, Dubai

The Offshore Arabia 2004 event was organised by Saudi Aramco and RECSO (Regional Clean Sea Organisation), with strong technical participation from IMO, UNESCO, UNEP, Shipping Association, International Oil Companies Association (IPIECA & OGP), ROPME, National Environmental Agencies, Shipping, Ports and Harbours.

Green Award was invited to play an important role during the event; Hans de Goeij as Chairman of the session "Oil Spill Management" and as speaker in the session "Marine Protection Efforts" and Jan Fransen as workshop leader for a workshop entitled "Safety and Environmental Behaviour of Management, Crew and Ship" (see item below).

The conference started with HRH Prince Turki Bin Nasser, President, Presidency of Meteorology & Environment, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as Guest of Honour and keynote speaker. The speech was a direct report on why and how the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia takes its responsibility concerning the protection of the environment in the Arabian world.

Hans de Goeij indicated how the protection of the environment can be linked to commercial sense. In his speech he explained how Green Award can play an important role.

Green Award was pleased with the opportunity to participate in the conference. We have been able to follow up our plans to contact Arabian Environmental Authorities and to make some appointments. We are convinced that we have contacted first-class organizations which have an open mind to co-operate and co-create developments for the benefit of maritime safety and the environment in the Middle East area.


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