Green Award 'Blue Label'

A new special additional label marking low ship exhaust emissions will be launched by Green Award.

As a result of own research and the feedback received from the shipping industry, Green Award Foundation decided to emphasize the issue of exhaust emissions from ships. The foundation considers revising this element drastically and intends to implement new additional requirements items which, if met by the vessel, will give the vessel a special 'blue label'.

'Blue label' is an additional award that won’t affect a “normal” Green Award certificate, but will be issued in addition to it to show the extra effort put in by ship owners and managers and to motivate the industry to comply. The Blue Label will be issued to ships when the obtained ranking scores meet particular exhaust emission requirements that go beyond international regulations.

The Foundation expects to launch the Blue Label in Summer 2010. 

Note added on 13/02/2012: this project has not been realised as it was planned, but the items related to the ‘blue label’ were included in the updated (current) GA requirements.  

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