Green Award in Japan

In January, J.L. de Goeij (Managing Director), J.A.A.J. Fransen (Deputy Managing Director) and M. Shinohara (Business Consultant) visited Japan. Firstly, they gave a presentation at a symposium in Tokyo concerning incentive schemes. Secondly, they visited several Japanese authorities and other relevant maritime organisations in order to encourage Japanese supporters for the Green Award Scheme.

Impressed by the colourful, rich culture of Japan, Green Award would like to thank the Japanese hosts for their assistance and hospitality. Green Award felt very welcome and was very glad to have the possibility to visit the ports of Chiba, Kawasaki, Yokohama and Nagoya. Further on, interesting meetings were arranged with e.g. the Ship & Ocean Foundation, IAPH, Japan Shipowners Association, Japanese Shipping Exchange, the Japan Association of Ports and Harbours and the Dutch Embassy. And, very important too, Green Award got the chance to explain the benefits of the Green Award scheme to several major Japanese shipowners.

The presentations and discussions have had promising results. Green Award felt that the Japanese quality philosophy and the safety and environmental awareness match the standards, developed by Green Award. Therefore, Green Award is ready to welcome the Japanese Maritime World in her quality scheme.

More information -in the Japanese language- about the Green Award system can be found here.



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