On January 28th, Amsterdam Port Authority \"\"
                  received the official Green Award Panel. 
      As per January 1, 2003, Amsterdam is a Green Award Port

Speech of Mr. Cor Oudendijk

"I am proud of the fact that Amsterdam became an associate member of the Green Award Foundation and in this way contributes to an environmental friendly behaviour of seagoing vessels. The more ports join, the more the environment wins. Eco-catastrophes as the recently sunk tanker Prestige must be prevented. That is only feasible if also international ports work together.

The establishment of the Green Award Foundation in 1994 is a good initiative from this point of view. The fact that Amsterdam joined just now is a result from the fact that at first the Green Award certificate was meant just for crude oil tankers. This type of ship hardly ever calls the Amsterdam port.
With the introduction of the certificate for dry bulk carriers Amsterdam, as an important dry bulk port is the first port to recognize this certificate. Yearly over 45 million tons dry bulk goods are imported and exported in this port. It is of great interest to us to bring these goods to shore safe and well. In exchange we give a financial benefit in the form of a 6 percent rebate on the port fees.

The membership and the discount arangement fit perfectly in the policy of the port Authority where environmental care is an important issue. When one enters the harbour area one notices the windmills that provide us with 'green power'. Furthermore the port authority uses environmental friendly soil sanitation and stimulates ecological high-quality plant arrangements in the public spaces of the port area. And these were only examples to which we now may add the membership of the Green Award Foundation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the environment is a good course to strive for. Here in Amsterdam the port flourishes and is still grows with a commodity exchange of over 70 million tons and a growing number of companies settle here. We also keep a watchful eye on a healthy and comfortable work climate for the 38.00 people working here. Membership of the Green Award Foundation is a very desirable development for Amsterdam that we will surely promote with others. Together with the Foundation Amsterdam will stimulate various nautical service providers in the region to acknowledge the certificate in favour of safety in the port of Amsterdam and at sea."
(Special thanks to M. Dekker Roos)

            Hans de Goeij, Cor Oudendijk and Jan Fransen

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