First Belgian Green Award Incentive Provider: Gent

The Port of Gent has decided to award a reduction on port dues to sea-going vessels certified by Green Award. With this decision Gent, which with a turnover of nearly 24 million tonnes of bulk goods forms an important connection to the hinterland of Europe, is actively voicing its policy to promote quality in the port.

Gent is the first Belgian port to recognise sea-going vessels certified by Green Award by offering them a reduction on port dues. Considering the nature of the Port of Gent, this will concern in particular bulk carriers transporting coal and ore.

The Green Award Foundation has as its objective, the stimulation of safety and environmentally aware conduct of ship-owners, crew and ship. Green Award is independent and impartial and since 1994, has focused on the worldwide certification of sea-going vessels.

Sea-going vessels from 20,000 DWT and above (both crude oil tankers and dry bulk carriers) are evaluated on their technical condition, quality of the crew and the management on shore. Those that comply with all criteria receive the Green Award certificate, which subject to annual verification, is valid for three years.

The certificate is evidence that the vessels can be expected to be extra clean and extra safe. This in turn, is rewarded by 46 ports in 8 countries with a reduction on port dues, encouraged by approximately 160 sea-going vessels certified by Green Award.

Green Award is delighted with the participation of Gent. It is expected that their initiative will have a knock-on effect with regard to the certification of bulk carriers. In addition, Green Award hopes that more ports will participate in the scheme whereby the mutual advantages can be developed further: ports receive more quality ships and ship-owners who want to invest in cleaner, safer management, are in turn rewarded for this.

On 29th April, Alderman Mr. Daniël Termont will receive a Green Award plaque from Mr. J.L. de Goeij, Managing Director of Green Award, to mark the occasion of the official participation of Gent.

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