Green Award and Transport Canada


Bureau Green Award has been in regular contact with Transport Canada on the subject of green shipping since early December 2000. In the summer of 2003, our Deputy Managing Director Mr. Jan Fransen was travelling in Canada and visited several interested parties. He was happy to give several presentations on Green Award and to learn more about the Canadian intentions to develop an incentive based green support system for ships entering and operating in Canadian waters.

The Green Award Foundation, as an independent, neutral and non-profit organisation, is willing and able to offer know-how, expertise, strategy and implementations to jointly develop a Canadian Green Shipping system that can be linked with the Green Award system. Apart from the certificates for oil tankers and dry cargo bulkers which already exist, the development of a dedicated certificate for the domestic "lakers" is possible.

A major advantage of this proposal is that Canada does not have to invest large amounts of money to develop a green system as Green Award has done that already. Such a Green Ship Award program would offer a number of benefits for the shipping industry, coastal communities, wildlife and the environment. Previous consultation with marine sector stakeholders has determined that there is significant support for a Green Ship Award certification program in Canada.

To implement such a program, Transport Canada is holding the next stage of consultations. Houlihan & Associates, a Vancouver-based firm, is charged with facilitating the consultations. 

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