Renewed certificate for Expedo Ship Management

Expedo is part of a ship management group which, for over 40 years, has provided services to charterers and owners of tankers, bulkers and general cargo ships trading worldwide. The company has experienced, professional staff both ashore and onboard, operating in accordance with the shipping industry's highest standards. Expedo is committed foremost to every aspect of safety and to protection of the environment.

Recently, the office of Expedo withstood the test of the Green Award audit again and received the Green Award Office Certificate, which is valid for another 3 years. A reaction from Expedo:

"The initial motivation for Expedo to join Green Award is simply to receive a discounted port due in some ports when vessel visits those ports.

But after 3 years with the program, we realize that we benefit not only just a discounted port due but also a better management. Expedo is now proud of being part of Green Award".

                      M/T New Horizon, managed by Expedo 
                             and certified by Green Award

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