Annual Report 2002

All those who are involved with the Green Award Foundation can look back positively on the year 2002 with pride. The figures and developments show an upward trend on all fronts.

1. The Green Award Fleet grew from 10% to 11.3% of the relevant world tanker fleet
2. This fleet carried 20% of all seaborne oil
3. There was a net increase of 13% in the number of certified vessels
4. Two new incentive providers brought the total to 50 ports.
5. Two new shipping companies (from two new continents) resulted in a total of 30 companies certified by Green Award.

We are pleased that during a year in which the safety of oil tankers frequently came under the public spotlight, the assurance of quality within Green Award remained. As a result, we were able to work steadily on increasing the awareness of our system and on developing the requirements of our program further.

We see the growth of the number of ship owners, ships and incentive providers as recognition, which motivates and energises us to continue along the path mapped out for us in 1994.

We started the year 2002 with a balance of 150 certified vessels and ended the year with 170 vessels - a net increase of 13%. We issued 35 new certificates and withdrew 15. Unfortunately, we do not have certified bulk carriers yet, due to a lack of participating ports. Meanwhile, we can proudly confirm that on the date of issue of this report, three ports granted a premium for bulk carriers. For the most recent status of fleet and incentive providers, we kindly invite you to visit this website.

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