Green Award Foundation Annual Report 2001

2001 was a remarkable year for Green Award. The acquisition of the THOR HEYERDAHL International Maritime Environmental Award 2001, which is sometimes referred to as the‘Nobel Prize for the Maritime Environment’ was undoubtedly the main highlight of the year. The award confirms the impact that the Green Award scheme
has had on the marine industry. And there is more good news, in 2001:

• Our ‘fleet’ grew from 8.5 % to 10 % of the relevant world tanker fleet
• This fleet carried 22 % of all sea-borne oil
• There was a net increase of 18 % in the number of certificated vessels
• The number of qualified Green Award surveyors increased from 3 to 9
• Hamburg joined the scheme as a participating port

A complete Annual Report 2001 has been sent to our incentive providers and participants and can be downloaded here (PDF-format, 844 kB) or be sent on request by e-mail.





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