Green Port Conference in Stockholm

Jan Fransen (Managing Director, Green Award Foundation) participated in the Green Port Conference in Stockholm.

The Green Award Foundation participated in the 5th International Ports and the Environment Conference and exhibition GreenPort 2010 in Stockholm on 24-25 February 2010.

Delegates gathered in Stockholm to discuss key port environmental issues such as: Climate Change, Port Authorities' green initiatives, Biodiversity and Natura 2000, the Port-City Relationship, Port Technology and Renewable Energy. The majority of the participants represented port authorities and terminals.

Green Award supported this event and Mr. Fransen delivered a presentation on efforts vs. benefits for ports participating in the Green Award scheme.

Summarizing his experience of these two days, Mr. Fransen said: “From the topics discussed during this conference it became clear that exhaust and other types of emissions from ships and the industry in port are becoming more and more of a paramount issue that gains attention from the society. Corporate Social Responsibility principles become an important element in business. Ports want to pay more attention to issues such as noise, water ballast, ship generated waste and ship recycling”. 



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