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About Green Award

Green Award for the inland shipping comes from the Green Award scheme established in 1994 in order to promote quality shipping amongst sea-going vessels.

All over the world Green Award certifies ships, ship managers and oil companies that prove their dedication to high quality, safety and environmental standards.

The benefits for extra clean and extra safe ships include image improvement, charterers’ preference, reduction on port dues, discounts on pilotage services and various trainings, reimbursement by a bank for a part of the certification costs etc.


Inland Shipping

• In 2011 Green Award launched a certification program for inland shipping;

• The certification program for inland navigation barges has turned out to be a success. Due to this success and demand for the Green Award certification, the program was developed further and a 3-tier certification was introduced; namely, Brons, Silver and Gold certification levels and a Platinum label for emission-free ship operations.;

• Ports and other maritime service providers and suppliers provide incentives to Green Award certified inland barges. This incentives are meant to motivate ship owners to invest in cleaner technologies and safer operations;

Green Award believes that its certification program contributes to the sustainable environment.


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