The ESI, recently launched by the World Port Climate Initiative (WPCI) and IAPH to promote “clean ships” with reduced air emissions, has been integrated into the new Green Award requirements and becomes compulsory for Green Award certificate holders upon implementation of the new requirements.

Meeting requests of ports and certificate holders to pay more attention to air emissions, Green Award has developed requirements on air emissions and looked at various existing schemes for cooperation in order to achieve the best results in minimizing emissions impact on the environment. This is when Green Award came in contact with the WPCI about the ESI project, only to find out that our missions are aligned. We serve the same goal and strive for a commonly accepted approach by the stakeholders. That is why Green Award has decided to integrate the ESI in upcoming Green Award requirements.

The ESI identifies seagoing ships that perform better in reducing air emissions than required by the current emission standards of the IMO. The ESI evaluates the amount of nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulphur oxide (SOx) that is released by a ship and includes a reporting scheme on the greenhouse gas emission of the ship. The index is intended to be used by ports to reward ships when they participate in the ESI and will promote clean ships.


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