Revision of Green Award Requirements:
Seacure for Operations 2011

The Green Award Committee has adopted the Board of Experts' proposals, which have resulted in the official issue of the Green Award "Seacure for Operations 2011" and revised Annex 3 for Oil Tankers and Bulk Carriers.

The new Seacure for Operations 2011 includes the following new topic:
• Certification scheme for additional ship types (LNG carriers & Inland Shipping)

As for Annex 3 for Oil Tankers and Bulk Carriers (version 11), apart from "fine tuning" of some elements, major changes have been made in the following areas:
• Fuel Change Over / Ballast Water Exchange
• Air Emission Monitoring
• Sulphur (SOx) Content of Fuel
• Ship Recycling – Inventory of Hazardous Materials
• Ship Recycling – Policy of ships to be recycled
• Corrosion Prevention of Seawater Ballast Tanks

Besides the modifications, the following elements have been added to the Annex 3:
• Air Emission Reductions (NOx, SOx, CO2 and PM)
• Environmental Ship Index (ESI)
• Environmentally friendly lubrications and oils (Stern tube, Mooring wire and Deck equipment)

The upgraded Green Award Requirements are valid from 1 September 2011. In early August 2011, a letter and an e-mail were sent out to our certificate holders about this announcement and the transition period related thereto. All parties involved are recommended to consult our download page on our website for the latest information, regulations and requirements.

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