7 vessels for Intermediate Survey scheme

So far in 2011, 7 vessels have become eligible for the Intermediate Survey scheme and more are planned to join throughout the year.

The Intermediate Survey scheme is awarded to the oil tankers that perform better than other Green Award certified vessels in order to reduce survey burdens for those ships. A stringent yet simple set of criteria will be looked into in order to identify ships that impose less risk to the marine environment and the crew in terms of pollution, safety and quality, and ships that ensure smooth operations for the Green Award certification scheme.

An intermediate survey will replace the two annual surveys that take place after a renewal survey for oil tankers. The performance is assessed according to Green Award Regulations and a separate list of criteria to check eligibility.

Below there are some examples of the topics looked into:
• Score of Green Award ranking requirement
• Findings issued during ship surveys
• Length of participation in Green Award
• Age of vessel
• Cooperation for smooth operations
• 3rd party information
• Port State Control
• Involvement in incidents/casualties

For any information regarding the Intermediate Survey scheme, please contact the Certification Department at certification@greenaward.org.


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