JLMD new Green Award incentive provider

All Green Award certified ships are entitled to a 10% discount on the standard engineering costs of the service provided by JLMD E. Group for the Fast Oil Recovery System (FOR System).

JLMD E. Group will give a 10% discount on the standard engineering costs for the service for the Fast Oil Recovery System to all types of Green Award certified vessels (sea-going ships and inland navigation barges) from the 1st of March 2012. JLMD actively promotes safe shipping and initiative approach to prevention of severe consequences of pollution incidents/accidents at sea.


JLMD is a French maritime engineering company, world leader in technologies for the recovery of pollutants leaked from ships and the developer of FOR System. Fast Oil Recovery System (FOR) has already been installed on a diverse range of ships such as bulk carriers, container and tanker vessels.

The Fast Oil Recovery System (FOR system) is a pre-installed on board equipment to secure the cargo and bunker tanks facilitating the easy recovery operations of the pollutants in case of incident/accident and providing a proactive solution to reduce and mitigate the impact of an accidental pollution.



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