Modified Green Award ship codes

Green Award Foundation is continuously finding means to improve its internal quality by creating new ideas to tackle daily operations as well as simplifying existing processes.

In pursuit of this, in January 2012, we have made a structural change to the GA ship code (e.g. 99055C, 200829A etc.), which is unique coding for Green Award certified ships.
This alternation only applies to ships that have been certified by Green Award for more than three years as the change is to exclude the letters attached to the number coding, which used to be added only after every renewal of certificate.

We are currently in the process of streamlining this modification throughout all our internal documents and communicating this information correctly to all our stakeholders.

                           Examples of the modification:
                             99055C changes to 99055
                           200829A changes to 200829

For Green Award certified ships, we will send out re-issued Green Award ship certificates with the updated Green Award ship codes in the coming months.

For Green Award incentive providers, we would like to kindly ask you for your kind understanding during this transition period, which we will inform you once the transition is complete.




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