Green Award certification programme for Chemical Tankers

On the 1st of July 2012, Green Award Foundation will launch an additional certification programme. As of this date, chemical tankers with a DWT ≥ 20,000 are eligible for Green Award certification.

The Foundation has been working on this programme for several years to amend the existing requirements, making it suitable for this type of ship. The initiation of this programme was driven by the demand from potential certificate holders and our own initiative, whilst at the same time the Foundation aimed to increase diversity in its certification scheme by increasing the impact by broadening the ship types to be certified.

The first edition of the requirements for chemical tankers is issued in Annex 3d Green Award Requirements (Chemical tanker) of Chapter 7. Green Award Regulations under the Seacure for Operations 2011 (as amended in 2012).

The requirements for the chemical tanker programme is based on the stringent yet reachable oil tanker requirements version 11, released back in September 2011.

Similar to other ship types, in order to maintain the “bar” of the requirements high, we have added/amended several topics for the following elements, which are relevant for chemical tankers specifically, namely:

• Enclosed space entry
• Medical tests on effects from chemical cargoes
• Tank wash procedures
• Cargo operations and cargo related safety instructions
• Cargo residues
• Training / Courses for Personnel
• Familiarisation programme for crew

Having the launch of Chemical Tankers just ahead, we already have several incentive providers for this programme, although it is not yet close to the magnitude of the list for oil tankers. The list of incentive providers is continuously updated on our website
However, similar to other certification programmes for other ship types, there are intangible incentives, such as to utilise the Green Award certification scheme as a tool to approach Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or to gain improved results or increased recognition during vetting and port state control inspections.

The requirements are available on our website

For any further questions regarding this new programme, please contact our Certification Department

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