ABN AMRO BANK prolongs Green Award incentives for 2012

ABN AMRO Bank continues supporting the Green Award scheme and gives Green Award certificate holders a reimbursement of 25% of the Green Award annual fee for the vessels that are financed by ABN AMRO and/or of Green Award office audit costs in 2012.

ABN AMRO Bank serves retail, private and commercial banking customers in the Netherlands and across the globe. Along with a comprehensive range of products and services, they offer in-depth financial expertise, extensive knowledge of numerous sectors and an international network supporting their customers’ domestic and international operations.

Sustainability is important for ABN AMRO Bank. On the bank’s website it is stated that “For ABN AMRO, sustainability is much more than an add-on extra – it’s at the heart of our corporate socially responsibility. In every aspect of our day-to-day business, we try to strike a healthy balance between ecological, economic and social interests… In other words, we aim to engage in activities that contribute to a healthy earth and a thriving world population in terms of economy, environment and society.”

By supporting the Green Award scheme, the bank puts this statement into practice.


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