Green Award at the Informal Tanker Operator Safety Forum (ITOSF)

Green Award was invited by Informal Tanker Operator Safety Forum (ITOSF) to give a presentation on the efforts and results of the GA scheme.

ITOSF (Informal Tanker Operators Safety Forum) comprises representatives of over 70 tanker management companies, who meet for a round-the-table informal and confidential discussion of tanker industry safety issues several times a year to share information on best practices in the industry and their experience with each other.

Jan Fransen, Managing Director of the Green Award foundation, gave a presentation titled “Green Award scheme; developments and vision for the future” which triggered lots of interest and questions from the participants. A couple of ship managers inspired by Mr. Fransen’s presentation are considering a possibility of applying their vessels to the Green Award scheme. Green Award also sponsored the coffee-break.

During his presentation Jan Fransen announced that from July 2012 the Green Award Certification scheme will also be open to Chemical Tankers.





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