List of Sea-going vessels eligible for intermediate survey as of 25-06-2012

Intermediate survey allows Green Award certified oil tankers to undergo one intermediate survey instead of two annual inspections what reduces survey burden on ships. Intermediate survey is granted to Green Award certified vessels that perform extraordinary well.

Since the Green Award bureau introduced Intermediate survey, 14 ships from 9 certificate holders have been recognised as eligible for this type of survey.

The following vessels have been granted the Intermediate survey:

Aegean Horizon / Arcadia Shipmanagement Co Ltd.

Aegean Myth / Arcadia Shipmanagement Co Ltd.

Al Shegaya / Kuwait Oil Tanker Co. S.A.K.

British Integrity / BP Shipping Limited

British Tranquillity / BP Shipping Limited

Delta Captain / Delta Tankers Ltd

Delta Pioneer / Delta Tankers Ltd.

Delta Victory / Delta Tankers Ltd.

Hellas Symphony / Consolidated Marine Management Inc.

Pelagos / Delta Tankers Ltd.

Samco Asia / Goodwood Ship Management Pte Ltd

SCF Baltica / Unicom Management Services

Seaoath / Thenamaris Ships Management Inc.

Stena Arctica / Neste Shipping Oy

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