In January 2013 the Green Award team celebrated an important milestone: 5 of the foundation employees had been working for Green Award for over 12 years.

Since the establishment in 1994 the bureau has matured to the point where we can proudly say that almost one third of the employees have been with the bureau for over a dozen years.

During a team event in January 2013 all five employees were put in spotlight and presented with gifts for their dedicated service.

Our long time employees are (from left to right): Mrs. Mieke Weteling/accountant, Peter van Hattum/team leader surveyors, Rob den Heijer/surveyor, Ben Metselaar/surveyor, Jan Fransen/Managing Director.

Green Award is proud to have such loyal employees that have dedicated years to working for the foundation and are still enthusiastic about their work. Their professionalism and experience benefit the scheme and our certificate holders.

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