Port of Rotterdam rewards Green Award certified LNG carriers

Rotterdam is the first port in the world to reward sea-going LNG carrying vessels holding the Green Award certificate. From the 1st of January 2013 the Rotterdam Port Authority gives these vessels a 6% discount on port dues.

This decision is in keeping with the Port’s policy of supporting sustainable shipping. The port of Rotterdam has been a long-time supporter of the Green Award scheme by providing incentives to oil tankers and inland navigation vessels certified by Green Award. Since the opening of the Gate terminal in 2011, the port of Rotterdam has become an LNG port, and, in 2013, has extended its incentives to LNG carriers that participate in the Green Award scheme. Rotterdam is one of the main ports of Europe with the annual throughput of about 430 million tons.

In 2011, in response to a demand by the industry, Green Award launched a certification programme for LNG carrying vessels in addition to certification of oil tankers, chemical tankers, bulk carriers and inland barges. Certified fleet of LNG tankers has grown to 36 ships by now, 6 ship management companies have been certified. The programme gains recognition, new ship applications keep coming in, and the Green Award foundation look forward to more ports joining the scheme.

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