Green Award to add a new approach aiming to reduce Sulphur Content in Fuel

Since our revision of requirements for air in 2011, we have been focusing on monitoring and reduction of polluting air emissions. This includes sulphur content in the fuel as this is contributing directly to the SOx emissions of engine and boiler system. SOx emissions, especially SO2, cause severe health issues by particles penetrating deeply into sensitive parts of the lungs and can cause or worsen respiratory disease (e.g. emphysema and bronchitis, can aggravate existing heart disease etc.)

Air emission pollutants for international shipping are still on the hot topic list of the environmental agenda worldwide. This is also due to the recent legislative change for the ECA’s (Emission Control Areas).

This naturally also counts for Green Award. The Green Award Board of Experts and the Committee have recently approved and adopted a modified set of requirements proposed by the Bureau respectively.

Whilst the basic approach in monitoring and recording of statistical data remains a scope within the requirements, a new approach has been added, namely:
• reduction of consumed sulphur content of fuel oil by benchmarking with the worldwide average
• targeting to prepare for 2020 global limits

We hope this approach will assist our Certificate Holders in attaining further recognition as a frontrunner they continue to work on.

The requirements will be released in September.



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