Green Award Foundation – SIGNALIS enrollment

On the 16th of December in Bremen, Germany, SIGNALIS Holdings was officially inaugurated into the Green Award Foundation . SIGNALIS is the first Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) provider to join this scheme.

On presenting the award Mr. Jan Fransen, Executive Director, of the Green Award Foundation stated “Today, we have welcomed to the Green Award network SIGNALIS - a company that has vast experience in the maritime safety and security domain. The Green Award scheme motivates shipping companies to be Frontrunners in the fields of sustainability, safety and quality, by means of incentives by ports and service providers that are globally spread. The frontrunners go beyond regulations and reduce environmental and safety risks. Now SIGNALIS takes it a step further by rewarding Green Award incentive ports and encouraging them to remain supporters of the excellence in the shipping industry. A great example of the industry's joint Corporate Social Responsibility!"

from left to right: Mark Pearson, Director Services, SIGNALIS; Jan Fransen, Executive Director, Green Award Foundation; Luc Bentolila, CEO, SIGNALIS; Keita Shinohara, Certification manager, Green Award Foundation

On accepting the award on behalf of SIGNALIS, Mr. Luc Bentolila, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) commented that SIGNALIS were delighted to receive such recognition as this partnership cemented “the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) upon which SIGNALIS is based and validated our commitment; through our delivery of our premier Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) systems, to meet the key principles of the International Association of Lighthouses Authorities (IALA) for the provision of Safety and Environmental protection.”

SIGNALIS is the only reference in Maritime Safety and Security in the three key segments Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), Coastal Surveillance Systems (CSS) and Critical Infrastructure Protection for surveillance of O&G, Offshore & Shorebased assets (CIP). Thanks to 30 years of experience and over 250 maritime safety and security systems delivered to fully satisfied Customers including Port Authorities, Coastguards and Navies worldwide, SIGNALIS is well placed to provide tailored solutions to meet specific Customers’ needs.

The SIGNALIS third generation single product line, called STYRIS, is based on a modular System architecture allowing various sensors integration and friendly user interface to increase the performance of the operational user. STYRIS® is a unique system for collection, processing, consolidation, enrichment, distribution and display of data deriving from a wide range of maritime sensors such as radars, AIS, RDF, cameras, weather stations and sonars.
SIGNALIS’s unique software technology, developed in house specifically for maritime applications, can be tailored to satisfy the highest level of customer demands.
As per their User Centric Design approach, the involvement of their customers as key partners at every stage of the product development is one of the main added values STYRIS® provides, making it a true User leading edge product.

“SIGNALIS Masters of Maritime Safety & Security”



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