Green Award presentation at Sea Japan 2016

The 2 big themes for Sea Japan 2016 are “Environmental Protection (Air/Ocean water)” and “Development of human resources”. Green Award believes that these themes are vital elements in quality shipping. Having included these subjects into our auditing requirements, we promote a higher sustainable goal for the environment. The seminar description is as follows:

As product lead times get shorter and ship sizes grow even bigger, the reality is that there is growing concerns for safety level declining and environmental issues increasing. There are also growing numbers of regulations for ship operations, and hence the pressure for the shipping industry further accumulates. Green Award runs an incentive programme for safety and environmental protection in order to take on such responsibilities all together and support such burden with the industry as a whole.

Green Award was established in 1994 by the support from the Dutch government and currently has over 65 ports and other maritime service providers from 15 different countries cooperating by becoming Incentive Providers. From Japan, the Port of Kitakyushu, as the first in East Asia, has joined the network by setting an example as a front runner.

Further, as for the participating Certificate Holders, a ship from Iino was the first Green Award certified in 2004 followed by NYK, MOL, K Line all with their LNG carriers. As such, with the participation of Japan, one of the leading maritime nations, Green Award programme has continued to remain as an international quality shipping programme.

During our presentation, we would like to share Green Award’s views on the importance on “Human element (crew & office personnel)”, “sustainability and marine environmental protection”, “international network”, “connection amongst export and import ports” and “industry-wide CSR”.

                           The presentation will take place

                   Sea Japan 2016, East 5th Hall, Event Stage
                                        Tokyo, Japan

                             ~ 15 April 2016 at 11.00 ~

                      Free entrance with pre-registration. 

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