Green Award certified companies and ships will be entitled to the following:

1. Green Award certified shipping company: A discount of 5% of the listed price on POSEIDON EVO and POSEIDON i from EPE.

2. Green Award certified ships: A 10% discount of the listed price on Inventory Hazardous Materials (IHM).

3. Green Award certified ships: A discount of 25% of the listed price on a training course on Spill Response under the topic “Oil Spill Awareness”.

The training course will include the below thematic areas:
• Legislative framework
• Remarkable incidents
• Organization, procedures and strategy during an oil spill response
• Behavior and fate of an oil spill
• Oil spill response mechanism - On board
• Oil spill assessment and response methods
• Containment and protection: Boom’s type and deployment
• Oil recovery: Skimmers and sorbents
• The role of the vessel, owner and insurers
• Waste management
• Health and Safety
• Media relations
• Contingency Planning – Vessels
• Presentation: Case Studies
• Practical deployment exercise

The course also includes familiarization with the antipollution equipment and practical deployment exercise, while essential component of our training is the participation of trainees in pollution response exercises, during which all the theoretical subjects are practiced and applied.

4. Green Award certified ships: A free “Environmental Compliance and Performance Consultancy and Training Program” which includes:

• An optimal Revision of the ship’s Garbage Management Plan
• A Crew training seminar
• 1 year Environmental Consultancy
• Establishment of Environmental Management System Manual for ISO 21070:2011 for Management and handling of shipboard Garbage

The aim of this program is not only for the ship to reach a maximum level of Compliance to the Maritime Environmental Legislation, but also to achieve significant cost reduction by reducing the waste volume for delivery, achieving high quality waste segregation according IMO instructions.

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