Certification program for inland navigation vessels keeps attracting new ships. Significant measurable improvement of the certified fleet is clear.

The total number of certified inland barges is 653. Green Award certification offers a 3-tier system. Ships can be assigned a bronze, silver or gold certificate according to the score they have achieved within the requirements. There is also a Platinum label, an additional quality stamp for ships that operate on electrical power. The 3-tier system implies that safety and quality levels of a ship with a gold certificate are higher than those with a silver certificate. Silver certificate indicates in its turn a better performance than the bronze one. A ship holding a bronze certificate (a minimum level) already meets Green Award requirements that are beyond the industry legally required standards and has a potential to grow to a higher level by implementing the best practices and technologies.

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The graph covering years since introduction of the 3-tier system, shows a clear trend in increasing the share of gold and silver certificates in the Green Award system at the expense of bronze certificates. From 2% in the beginning of 2016 the share of golden certificates has grown to 4% in October 2018. Percentage of silver certificates has increased from 11% to 53%, while share of bronze certificates has decreased from 73% to 43%. This result is mostly achieved by inland shipping entrepreneurs that invested in upgrade of their existing equipment and engines and implementation of safety practices. Such improvement is the mission of Green Award.

Number of incentive providers for inland vessels also grows. In the near future 2 more ports are expected to join.

The bureau monitors new developments that can improve safety and environmental performance of ships further. For example, innovation on electric propulsions to see how they fit in the Green Award program for inland navigation ships. Experts from the inland shipping sector that can advise Green Award on all aspects, are members and of the Board of Experts and of the Board.

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