Certification Procedure

Green Award certifies top notch ships and ship management companies striving for excellence and meeting requirements that go beyond the industry’s regulations.

  • Green Award carries out Office Audit of the ship management company to observe the company’s management system and its operational policies and procedures, along with their involvement with the office personnel

  • Ship Survey follows: first the Initial Review which is a desktop documentation review, second a survey onboard ship

  • separate certificate is issued for ship and office

  • Both office and ship certificates are valid for 3 years

The certification procedure step by step

Each ship is to be applied for Green Award certification by submitting the filled out application form


Applicant to fill in the application form

Apply now

Green Award certification department performs the initial review


Office audit at the premises of the DOC Holder by GA surveyors

(only for the 1st ship, need to be renewed every 3 years)


Certification assessment of office audit by GA Certification Dept.


Survey onboard ship by a Green Award surveyor


Certification assessment of the ship survey by Certification Dept


Issuance of Green Award office and ship certificates

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