Blueco Benelux BV is a new incentive provider to Green Award ships. Blueco, supplier of a system that measures emissions and helps monitor ship performance, officially joined the Green Award scheme on 22 February 2017.


From left to right: Guillaume Desenne, Group CEO of Blueco Benelux BV; Jan Fransen, Executive Director of Green Award and Stefan Spaas Business Development Director of Blueco Benelux BV


Green Award certifies ships that demonstrate superior performance in terms of quality and safety, have top notch management and implement efficient environmental policies. For a ship to be able to pass a Green Award survey on board, it needs to meet the Green Award requirements, which go beyond the industry’s statutory regulations, and to receive a sufficient score. Green Award requirements cover various areas including equipment maintenance, human factor, environmental practices, bilge water and noise, amongst other elements. One of the major elements that Green Award pays special attention to is emissions. With Blueco Benelux BV having joined the scheme, Green Award and Blueco will exploit the obvious synergies to drive environmental improvements and implementation of the best practices in shipping.

Blueco Benelux BV is the developer and supplier of the Konnexus® Trip-&Fleet Manager, an advanced system for continuous online operations performance measurement and monitoring. Konnexus® provides a powerful platform combined with dedicated equipment to accurately measure and acquire a wide range of operational data, such as engine parameters, fuel consumption, exhaust gas composition (CO, CO2, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2), lubricant condition, amongst many others. The system can also be customized to meet specific customer needs.
Blueco will be supporting all Green Award certified ships by providing them with a 5% discount on the hardware of the complete Konnexus® online monitoring system and a 50 % discount on the first year subscription fee.

Jan Fransen, executive director of Green Award, welcomed Blueco Benelux BV to the scheme and handed over a symbolic Green Award plaque to Stefan Spaas, Business Development Director, and Guillaume Desenne, Group CEO. He addressed the new incentive provider by saying: “On behalf of Green Award I want to congratulate you on becoming a full participant of the Green Award scheme. The Blueco’s mission states “reducing operating costs and environmental footprint of key sectors”. Green Award’s mission is “to identify, recognize and motivate for environmentally responsible shipping”. Together we can achieve even better results in a combined effort to improve safety of shipping, to promote green practices and fight the climate change.”

Stefan Spaas thanked Jan Fransen and the Green Award team and stated “We are thrilled to have become an incentive provider and will actively support the Green Award Foundation and its members to meet the objective of a more efficient, greener shipping sector”.

About Blueco Benelux BV
For the last three years, Blueco Benelux BV has been active in the following core markets: water treatment for cooling systems (including a project for BWMS), fuel additization and data driven innovations, with a clear focus on both operational optimization and environmental impact reduction.

Within the innovative solutions activity, Blueco designed the Konnexus® platform with the aim of providing a solution to collect and combine as many operational data as possible in order to produce pioneering predictive models.

With benefits ranging from predictive maintenance, improved inventory management, early failure detection, process optimization to remote asset management, the Konnexus® platform opens a world of opportunities for next generation asset management.